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For a number of years we have produced a dining table based on the Hayrake table originally designed and made by Sidney Barnsley in and around the 1920's. Barnsley was an important designer of furniture during the Arts and Crafts Movement. Honesty to function and material, and designs based on simplicity and clean lines were important qualities of his furniture.
The stretcher design, which is the main feature of this table, is drawn from the Gloucestershire hayrake, a simple rural tool of the time.
The Hayrake
The Hayrake
As far as we were aware there was no chair that had been designed to go with this table so we set about to do this. We hope the result fits with both the table and Barnsley’s principles of design, as well as being a comfortable chair to sit in.
More recently we decided we would like to use the design in an occasional table, and here is the result.The photograph on the left shows the decorative chip carving round the top.
Barnsley's original table had this decoration on the legs as well.

Most of the tables in this style that we have produced do not have this decoration, mainly because it is very time consuming and therefore expensive to re-produce.
Our most recent adaptation of this design was to produce an extending table. This was in response to comments from people that they loved the design but did not have the room to house the full size table.
A heavy duty metal runner system is at the heart of this design enabling the table to stretch by 1000 mm or so by the insertion of 2 or 3 leaves stored under the top.
Shown below are pictures taken in our showroom of one we have on show
The Hayrake.

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