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These Rocking Chairs were made from Oak that was reclaimed from a Whisky Distillery in Edinburgh. The timber had spent the previous 60 or more years as large 6ft deep, 32,000 litre Blending Vats used in the production of “Highland Queen” Fine Old Scotch Whisky. When the timber came to us it was painted white on one side and stained black on the other due to contact with the whisky. However, once we had dressed the surface of the timber we found that underneath a lot of it was some of the finest quarter-sawn English Oak we had ever seen. When machining the wood there was a very strong smell of Whisky!
The photograph to the left shows one of our chairs in front of some of the Oak as it came to us.
Sadly, we have now used up all this oak so can not produce any more of these Whisky Oak chairs. We can still produce chairs to the same design from new timber such as Oak or Ash.
Limited Edition Whisky Oak Chairs.
Limited Edition Whisky Oak Chairs.
The design is based on many traditional Rockers we have seen over the years, which we have adapted to produce an extremely good looking and comfortable chair.
The Hayrake.

Whisky Oak Chairs.

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